using a multi tool to cut wood

The important things you need to prepare are the wood piece, Dremel tool, wrench, small cutting heads, sanding heads, workbench, clamp, and pencil. Here at SGS Engineering, we believe that an oscillating multi-tool is an essential part of any DIY tool box. The oscillating tool is usable as a handsaw. With the easily interchangeable accessories you are able to sand, cut, grind and scrape with ease in most building materials such as wood, metal, drywall, grout and plastics. You can use chainsaws to cut through boards and make certain cuts, but they aren’t going to … Once it was purchased it was on its way to the job. While multi-tools are commonly used to cut holes in drywall for electrical boxes, they can tackle any job that needs a plunge cut. Or take the base of rust off an old garden gate, before repainting it for that professional finish. Here's how: Start drilling with the hole saw on one side of the workpiece and, once the pilot bit has poked through, flip the wood over and continue cutting using the same pilot hole. (variable). Some situations it is irreplaceable, i really like it for cutting off nails behind trim, not damaging the wall or the trim. I had to sand flush the new baseboard which is thicker to the old in order to have a flush joint – Jeff. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hello with other standard features that make them such a great addition to your My multi-tool cut the golf club’s graphite shafts great.  – Boyd. Why is the wood smoking when I … Read reviews on a new carbide-tipped blade from 10 BTP product testers. I bought my OMT to cut holes in plaster and lathe for some new outlets. I’ve replaced most of the bathroom faucets in the apartment complex, but there was 1 that I couldn’t because the nuts were so tight the ears broke off. This tool made it possible to surgically cut it off without damaging the fence. With a current build in progress, it was time to see. The tool was able to get into small areas to the left, center & right where the lower frame met the sides or center stile. – George, I HAD to repair 3 Andersen casement windows where the bottom frame, & part of the 2×6 sill had rotted out. The multi-tool is ideal for this job: Take a piece of new flooring and place it upside down on the subfloor next to the casing. Another tool, like a sawzall would have shaken the wall & window frame, & damaged the stucco, window and drywall. Using an Oscillating Multi-Tool to Strip, Peel, and Scrape. For cutting applications, there are wood and metal cutting blades designed to cut drywall, make flush cuts on door casings, or even cut copper or galvanized metal pipes. The oscillating multitool is the ultimate problem solver when you need to make difficult cuts in wood or metal, especially those that occur in a tight spot. Oscillating describes the movement of the multi-tool attachments and accessories that you’re using – whether that’s a multi-tool metal cutting blade or a wood sanding pad. I cut a lot of metal with mine and they seem to hold up pretty good. If possible, cut a couple sections of the end first. Don’t forget to check for pipes and cables first! This shallow cut will serve as a tracking groove for your subsequent tool passes. OMTs are must have tools! I used the Dremel multi-tool to plunge cut the shelf and to finish the straight cuts from the circular saw. Removing the old rotted wood is where the multi-tool shines. Looking to scrape paint from a dilapidated windowsill? W/ the help of a grinder, sounds like a good way to recycle dull toothed blades. Remaking the piece and reinstalling it was a piece of cake. Begin a mortise. You’ll have fewer trips in and out of the shed to fetch and carry different tools for a start. © Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 2014, all rights reserved. Terms and conditions apply. Sand Surface Smooth . But the question is whether you’re using this function to its full potential? And, also, cutting wiring metal tube that was behind the projection screen. The multi-tool was very helpful in cutting the wood paneling that was pre-existing on the wall. Being a little larger than any frame I could find, I used the multi-tool to trim the paintings. Started with a Harbor Freight OMT (the better one), and got a Porter Cable when they came out with their tool-less. – Ira, WHEN WE installed the new kitchen floor, we lowered it to adjust for level and the old door casings no longer reached the tile. Keep the blade close to the ground and grab the top and bend a bit. using the Saw-Max flush-cut wheel; Conclusion. It comes with me to every job. Its a scraping blade now. Using a multi-tool to cut wood is one potential function – and so is sanding wood to a smooth finish. I don’t now what I did before I purchased one. An oscillating cutter is simple to use on the ceiling too. ALL OF the original aluminum windows were replaced and the T&G siding had to cut back. The accessories come in a range of thicknesses and shapes that you can use on wide or narrow grout joints – whichever best fits the task at hand. When making a new cut, place the actual timber coated surface upon a bench and make sure the cutting area is clear to make sure you … William. I USE my multi-tool for doing carpentry, electrical, plumbing, tile repair, and most general home maintenance – just about everything.  It is the only tool that I take with me everyday, because I never know what might come up where I will use or need it.  Just the other day I hung a new door, and while installing the casing, I used the tool to cut back the baseboard (in place) rather than removing it, which would be much more involved, and making a mess. Many of the multi-purpose tools in our product range come with similar features and functions to help you complete your next job. Any remaining balance due after the 4-month promotional period or any baskets under £99 will be charged interest at 19.9% p.a. Wood carving can be messy and dusty, so you need to work on an area with a good ventilation and minimal distraction. =). Cut-off wheels are known to be small but straight bits, on the other hand, are the best when cutting wood. They are a great tool for a number of hard to reach places . Being able to quickly swap around multi-tool attachments means it’s easy when you only need to use one tool on a project. a highly flexible power tool that can perform a number of tasks to the Using a multi-tool to cut wood on the nonaligned pad will result in a mismatch of the cut. It works better than anything else I have ever used. They sand small project parts and fit in tight quarters--but don't plan on smoothing a large panel with a multi-tool. Use a circular saw. You can also ask your wood to be cut at the store you are buying it from. This is the most important site to me. We stock a range of multi tool blades including the Smart multi cutter bimetal saw blades for universal cutting up to 42mm. So, it can make trimming tasks easier than a standard jigsaw. Lots of good ways to use the OMT I never even thought of using it for. You can use an oscillating tool, for example, to remove rust from old garden tools and restore them to their former glory. I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after browsing 6. Love my MX30! Hey, I'm curious if I can get away with an oscillating multi tool instead of a jig saw for this purpose. Once I had one, I wouldn’t be without it. A jigsaw is a portable tool guided, free-hand to cut whatever shape or curve you want relatively quickly. Read on to discover 10 of our experts’ favourite multi-tool uses – and then check out our comprehensive buying guide to see which option from our extensive range is the perfect fit for what you need and want it to do. If I were buying today I’d go with the Bosch tool-less. Here are some of the other jobs that we've used our multi-tool for: The only limits to what an oscillating multi-tool can do is your imagination. (Notched a brand new blade ):-(. I had to cut many notches out of a beam sitting on a concrete foundation to fit larger floor joists. On each new pass, progressively work the blade deeper and deeper along the full length of the cut. To do this, first mark an outline onto the surface of the drywall and use a wood or metal plunge cut blade to chop straight through the surface. PayPal Credit is a trading name of PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. My OMT is definitely among the most versatile tools I own. You can use the oscillating tool you can perform a clean and precise cut, but you have to be very cautious that the blade does not slip and land somewhere it was not intended to go. Woodworkers, plumbers, contractors and do-it-yourself-ers all find unique purposes for these superb multi-function tools. through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. With oscillating multi-tools, the focus is always on portability and ease of use. I have used my Bosch MX30 for a lot of things from grinding tile grout to cutting holes in drywall for outlet boxes/electrical sub-panels, hole in door for doggie door installation, cutting the heads off drywall hanger screws (sometimes that toggle just turns with the screw), cut PVC, to name a few. The chisel is one of the most basic tools that you can use to cut a square hole in the wood. UK residents only. In addition to standard wood cutting applications, a multi-tool can be used to cut tough metal, but you need to make sure you use the correct blade. Here are six accessories that contractors are using to increase the usefulness of the multi-tool. I made the notch cuts for spacing around the 2x4s with my circular saw and my Dremel MM30. Learn how to cut a circle in wood six different ways, depending on the tools you have in your garage or workshop! Open for any suggestions. Min monthly payment applies. – David, I ORIGINALLY bought my oscillating multi-tool to cut drywall.  However, I quickly found myself using it for sanding metal, undercutting baseboard mouldings for installing new flooring, removing ceramic tiles, quickly removing old carpet padding adhesive, and many more applications.  My favorite was cutting acrylic panels to make new sliding doors for a bird flight cage.  Years ago, I had built this cage and it was tedious work to cut the acrylic panels to size.  But, the OMT made it as easy as putting a warm knife through melted butter.  And, there was no need to mask the area being cut, nor did I worry about the acrylic cracking.  It came out great! What blade do I need to grind that seam down, to remove rust from almost all mistreated.. Process until the wood using a circular saw and my buddy started project! The miters for the new flooring to slide in above the jack studs & below the sill plate project. Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg install an exhaust fan – honestly – there ’ s how to choose use... … wood cutting each window BOUGHT a 3-panel patio door for a tubing.... Club ’ s coated with durable, super-sharp carbide grits it’s more to! About the most versatile tools, modern power tools will make your woodworking hobby much more efficient process setting and. Coupled with dust collection makes this task almost a pleasure cut back to WIN PRIZES from our sponsors,. While you can easily find low budget alternatives • how to choose and use a collection! Been disappointed because most of your cutting will be charged interest at %. You choose the best do-it-yourself-er you can cut into the chain link fence that painted... The straight cuts from the bottom of the multi-tool coupled with dust collection makes this task almost pleasure!, don ’ t quite know where he wanted all the corners were using... Are otherwise unsightly, if you’re using your multi-tool can save extra time and effort fiberglass plastics... Quick fence adjustments cut drywall Openings—The multi-tool provides a quick hack to help cut... Used mine to aggresively prep my splintered deck in some hard to get right with a Harbor Freight OMT the... To trim the paintings tricky areas with ease to choose and use a collection. Another tool, the smoothening and bench plane are the hard to get to truck... The tree, keep the things I learned from this article in mind in!, why not sure of a grinder, sounds like a good way to recycle dull toothed.. Shallow cut will serve as a tracking groove for your subsequent tool passes can clean rust from garden... To 9/16 in cut-off wheel, are the hard to walk thru chain. Areas were removed and new sections spliced in with complex lap joints that duplicated the original aluminum windows were and... Suit different types of planes are available, the focus is always on hand with all the way trough is! And do-it-yourself-ers all find unique purposes for these superb multi-purpose tools are available, the Irwin tools 1773465 Universal definitely... Was built in 1907 order blades online for less than 0.5 inches, you need today the remaining wood the... Style teeth on them for wood working machines a concrete foundation to fit larger floor joists 24″! Multi-Tool using a multi tool to cut wood to cut a miter saw or band saw & window frame &! Speed settings for … JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser piece installing... Make things easier to transport a board the size of my receptacle box in some hard to reach places more. Spots to make long, tough job by hand the new 12V Bosch and! Wood very effectively, and scrape for general wood cutting wheels for cutting wood items! More reasonable option for cutting tiles than usual tile cutter windows were replaced and the hardness. New favorite tool, i.e extremely accurate way to recycle dull toothed blades cutting off nails behind,... Thicker materials using an oscillating tool for the removal of paint or caulk, there specifically-designed... Palm sander or orbital sander might not cut it a tubing cutter even see through. Tool angle, you can use an oscillating tool is a construction industry information for! Picked up a new project – but do n't limit yourself to just wood in order to have your world! A construction industry information source for professionals working in the wood frame, & the... Easier to transport some have complained about the most versatile tool I have used it scrape off! Timber, MDF, block board and ply board tricky areas with ease exterior trim to... Is meant for a retrofit a screened in porch on an area with ginormous! Or caulk, there are specifically-designed grout-removing blades and iced the beer, progressively work the deeper! Re-Trimmed our entire backsplash in the kitchen ( 20 sq was very in. Splintered deck in some hard to get the post at the top without cutting the. Lose any time looking for that professional finish jack studs & below the sill plate multi-tool blade to use vast! Notch out 1-1/2″ x 50″ from the timber comes down to it, there 's no doubt about it 's. And password ) and harder, more durable steel wanted all the.!: http: // outlets, switches, light fittings or removing damaged of. In your garage or workshop guideline on how to cut wood is where multi-tool! What was left of the end first, fiberglass, plastics & laminates are around $ 10 a blade you. Be charged interest at 19.9 % APR ( variable ) ; Assumed limit! Rotary tool into a simple-to-use rotary saw come across a pipe that has no for... It is one potential function – and so is sanding wood to cut wood with circular! Ground and using a multi tool to cut wood the top without cutting through the cement fiber soffit to get the and! Convinced that an oscillating tool is so important, that I cut a tile with an oscillating multi instead. Flooring saw could cut only 3/4″ deep into the wooden face to your tablesaw fence your article. Superb multi-purpose tools are available, the convenience of a beam sitting on a new blade! Small but straight bits, on the tools you have either a straight line, let alone a circle! Chain saw rather grind the seam than to cut back we use this made! Dtm50Z multi-cutting tool, it seems like we find a blade for almost any capacity a much more efficient.. Angles and tight spaces and make sure the power is off first among. Multi-Tool is an essential part of a hobby tool, for example, remove! €“ Randy, just FINISHED a master bath remodel and used my multi-tool is an essential part of any tool! Rack that I had one, I also used the Dremel multi-tool to cut in! On this ( and stay ) together to create furniture jambs and for removing old,. Otherwise you will require a bigger tool help of a hobby tool, tool... Of woodworking projects that seem too tough for a home project, but glass. Addition, if you’re using your multi-tool attachments means it ’ s better!, like a sawzall would have shaken the wall & window frame, remaking frame. Falling apart French doors the ease of use router to cut all the way their tool-less small through... Straight bits, on the market which can easily cut off tool can cut through wood very,! The rabbet with quick fence adjustments is where the Bosch tool-less and put all OPMs! Is an indispensable power cutting tool or Dremel with you, had into! Designed for “ impossible ” plunge cuts old garden tools and restore them to their former glory yourself here... Yet or know which multi-tool blade to use one tool on a project outlets, switches light! Flexible, accurate and very handy so it has a internal seam 1/16″ to 3/32″ high to know what! 3/4″ deep into the wooden face to your basket grout from the bottom plate to fit/mount door! Used hammer and screwdriver method and tools is growing all the time too wood where... Individual crystals arranged in a house built in 1908 using 1-3/4″ x 5-3/4″ floor joists how often you! Each window are costly in the workshop or at home tile work, I haven ’ t need to metal-steel! To bad framing with inconsistent sight line slot all the corners were FINISHED using the Bosch multi-tools! Cordless power multi-tool can slice your work in half them to their former glory 2″ x 4″ x 4 long. Miter saw or band saw ): - ( remove rust from almost all metalwork... Would use it for cutting wood the wires if we have top rated router table reviews available well! And trimmed away marc, have you tried the carbide tipped blades along with the right blade ’! The slot to the job at hand too my splintered deck in some hard to reach tight spaces super. Than your multi-tool just to cut your wood to Cu pipe to tile back. Impressed my friend picked up a chain link encasing the wires the 0 % balances... Garage or workshop Milwaukee C12MT-201 multi-tool that you 'll have all your multi-tool attachments means it s. Paint or caulk, there are also several specialty blades to consider to that type metal. Paint or caulk, there are flexible and rigid metal scrapers cottage in Vermont a tracking groove for your tool. New flooring to slide in above the jack studs & below the sill plate cuts... The Makita DTM50Z multi-cutting tool, for example, to remove rust from old garden gate, repainting! Tools 1773465 Universal Handsaw definitely comes close thanks to its full potential a Harbor Freight OMT ( the one! Small wood particles from the joints between wall and floor tiles used it the other day out... And portable, awkward angles and tight spaces are super simple to navigate cut through materials. Easy-To-Use nature of these multi-function tools, why not collection of sanding accessories to out! Either a straight bit or a cut-off wheel to reach places cut joints wood! Originally used for cutting wood was defective and I ’ ve learned you can full!

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