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Other Unique Facts: The Hass variety was first bred in a Southern California backyard in the 1930s. if you have a carmen, i would love to hear what you have experienced with it in the future. Eine ausgewachsene Avocado einer bestimmten Sorte hat meist eine … However, the Hass wasn’t grown and marketed on a large scale until the late 1970s. Hi Greg. There forms a sort of cave inside the Lamb tree where many fruit are but few leaves. My lamb hass (3-4 ft) for some reasons like to stay small, not just 1 but all 3. If you’re anywhere near Fallbrook, this might be the best place for you to buy a tree. Avocado Hass und Lamb Hass gibt es das ganze Jahr über. Varieties in Australia. Seemed like all was great until I took it our of the small container and put it in a 20 container. Those are great questions. So am prepared for that. Reaches 15-20 ft. tall, 10-15 ft. wide; easily kept smaller with pruning. I’m all good with that. In terms of heat and cold, I’ve found Lamb to also be possibly tougher than Hass. Diese Sorte ist für den Anstieg des weltweiten Avocadokonsums seit den 1960er Jahren verantwortlich. Street Carrer del Comerç 4 Post office box 45 12550 | Almazora Castellón - Spain +34 964 97 51 04 . 5,298) as the maternal parent. I planted a Hass tree in my yard in 2013 from a five-gallon container, and it reached 15 feet tall in five years. As I now have been reading through your blog, I think I realize we have really been in la-la land about our desire for a Holiday avocado and eventual fruit. I have learned so much about avocados from your page and information. But I make no hard conclusions based on my single trees in a single location. 6830 Lamb Hass Avocado Suppliers Short on time? Achte auf Größe und Form. As you mentioned, a few had fallen off. Do those low branches help protect the roots from too much heat? Good to hear, Gregory. Much more useful is an ongoing study in Ventura County, California where numerous varieties are being grown on numerous rootstocks. The early claims about Lamb being more productive than Hass haven’t turned out to be the case, as far as I can see here in California. Now the edges of some of the leaves a turning brown and I don’t want to let it go until it dies. Find lamb hass avocado stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. I agree that providing ample irrigation is key to getting avocados through high heat. Do you sell clippings for grafting? The flesh is a pale green colour and creamier consistency with a slightly a nutty and creamy taste. Wow! The 1st year it held 15 and his year I’ve picked 63 so far. Anything deeper than 3ft is full of broken slabs and rocks. Though I have secondhand experience through observing Carmen trees in other yards and farms, I’d like to write a detailed profile only after I’ve closely observed one in my own yard for enough years. It only takes 9 to 10 months to be ready to pick and eat so the harvest starts in December. I was under the impression that Anthracnose Fungus is demonstrated by the browning tips and flower and young fruit drop? On the tree, the Lamb fruit has green skin until it’s mature, usually around May, when the skin turns black. The tree was planted from a five-gallon container. Here in Santa Cruz – a couple miles inland – the latest crop of about 60 fruit has been on the tree for a year and a half. The Fuerte is two metres high and 1.5 metres wide, while the Lamb Hass is only 1.2 metres high and 1.2 metres wide. Your post has very good tips that I didn’t know. In the extreme heat of July 2018, when my yard peaked at 117 degrees, my Hass lost all of its fruit while my Lamb retained much of its crop. Also that area would be easier to control the water on the tree because I have a lawn with sprikles in my back yard. I’ve also noticed that those inside branches with fruit on them do tend to lose their leaves after a while. In the patent, Lamb is called ‘Lamb/Hass,’ but these days people often write it ‘Lamb Hass,’ and many shorten it to just ‘Lamb.’. If you plant one of these varieties as a 3.5 or five-gallon tree today and care for it well (not necessarily superbly), you should expect to eat at least some fruit from it in three years, four at the most, and possibly two. That was just as we left for a 5-month vacation in our RV. It may have to wait a bit though because my own Carmen tree is small. By the way, at Subtropica Nursery in Fallbrook, trees are sold in 3.5 gallon plastic sleeves and they are far lighter and easier to plant than five-gallon containers. Tree looks good! Thanks for any guidance you may have to offer. Your email address will not be published. No matter when you prune, you sacrifice fruit. An easy way to tell when Lamb fruit is ready to pick is by skin color: if it’s black it’s ready. Add To Cart. The harvest seasons are different enough (Hass being earlier) that the two trees could provide delicious avocados for most months of the year. Ein Neuling ist diese im Süden Afrikas beheimatete Avocado, welche mit ihrem zarten Geschmack überrascht. It is interesting how they planted lots of trees and selected the Lamb to patent. Avocado trees have shallow root systems. My climate is pretty hostile during winter, nights are below 10C But during summer it’s ok. Spain has gone for the Lamb which supposedly produces more which is equal to more $ and lets be honest, we producers care a lot about this. On the other hand, one way in which Lamb is certainly superior to Hass and many other varieties is that it sets its fruit on the interior of the canopy, protected by many leaves. Lamb fruits a lot and it fruits early, and I’ve never seen nor heard of a Lamb tree that is unsatisfactory in its bearing habit, in terms of its overall productivity. I am will have Hass, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton, Ettinger and Reed. For optimum yield and quality, avocado production requires particular orchard management practices to be carried out within specific physiological windows. Moringa Tree - 15 Gallon $299.00 $149.00. This is a great resource. Thank you Greg. Thanks very much for your reply Greg. The symmetrical fruit has pebbly skin with green flecks. We then bought another Holiday, but once again, the drip system failed and it died. You’re very welcome. I live in Melbourne, Australia, where we can grow cool climate Avocado varieties. Lamb Hass; Bacon; Pinkerton; Brogdon; How to Plant Avocado Growing Zones. All of my success with stone fruits and other trees seems to have been offset by my attempts at planting avocados. We live on Kauai, Hawaii. I did pick it up immediately and let it soften for a week out of curiosity to see if it was still edible. And further more can I plant it now or should I wait for a better time to plant. Thanks again. I am in Australia (Sub Tropical) and have had a Wurtz in the ground for 16 years now – and I usually get 100 – 150 nice sized fruit from it. To me, the taste is very good. On the down side, my Lamb can’t take the heat. I see. Thank you, Juan. There are actually a few subcategories in the Hass avo family, most notably the regular Hass, the Maluma Hass and the Lamb Hass. The most common varieties in Australia are: Type A – Gwen, Hass, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton, Reed, Rincon, Secondo and Wurtz. I really like your combination of Lamb, Fuerte, and Hass. These trees were planted in 2012, and Hass has yielded about 30 percent than Lamb. Yes, but I have space and, OK I’ll admit it, a bit of an avocado problem. My Lamb, for instance, is planted only 7.5 feet from a Reed avocado tree. You Recently Viewed... Avocado Lamb Hass - 15 Gallon. The smaller tree in the south has drooping leaves and was planted in slow draining soil not really on a mound. In a pruning trial done in Valley Center by Gary Bender of the University of California comparing Lamb and Hass, it was Hass that outperformed Lamb in part because of this dilemma. Bergh chose to patent the Lamb seedling for many reasons, one of which was the tree’s slender, upright growing shape. Available Grafted LAMB HASS Avocado Variety, one of the best avocado variety. They had about 8 of them. Lamb Hass Semi-Dwarf . After reading and watching your you tube videos on this variety, I would like to try grafting it to a rootstock that I just grafted the Fuerte avocado too. None have gone dark – all still green – and they take about 10 days to ripen after harvest, but the fruit ripen just fine and are really flavorful. Add chips to the top of the soil and let them slowly rot. If you were to pick a Lamb in August, you’d likely find that the cut surface was not so shiny, and then the taste would be thicker and richer. (See my post, “Avocado leaves turning brown? This is a hopeful season right now, too, since the trees are starting to bloom. It is larger and rounder of the avocado varieties. For example, you might be able to get one through Home Depot or Lowe’s even if they don’t regularly stock them. I have a good feeling about this year for avocados. Lamb Hass avocado is larger and rounder than most other avocado varieties. Another thing I like about Lamb is its tolerance to our irrigation water in Southern California. Contact us. I’m so glad you didn’t throw away that Lamb fruit too! The tree has an upright, compact habit. A grower in Ventura County told me he is removing all of his Lambs because they alternate too much. Does this mean now? It is often claimed that Lamb produces more than Hass. But since Carmen is just a Hass with a couple quirks, maybe I’ll be able to write it sooner. I just signed up for your blog and am very appreciative of your great guidance and advice that I’ve read thus far. They have a pear or oval shape, distinguished from hass avocados by their flat, squared shoulders. See more in my post, “Dealing with squirrels in a food garden.”, hello Greg! $299.00 $149.00. In a hot place like Corona, or where I live in Ramona, I’d try to leave an avocado tree’s skirt down to the ground. I’ve never known an avocado tree to produce significantly different fruit as it ages. As for avocados in particular, they do grow well in sandy soil. Lamb makes for very good eating. It is similar to the its forebear in appearance and flavor but perhaps a bit broader in the shoulders and larger too. With my own trees, Lamb has alternated more than Hass also. It has a medium skin a little less bumpy than a Hass. They still taste bland. And with avocados, it’s easy to gauge how you’ve watered through the summer once tip burn starts to show in fall, sometimes as early as September. “Avocado varieties for year-round harvest,”,, “Dealing with squirrels in a food garden.”, “Avocado varieties for year-round harvest.”,, Beware of rootstock suckers on citrus trees, Southern California food gardening calendar for 2021, Using the evapotranspiration rate to water your garden better, Starting a vegetable garden in Southern California. I did write about one — a Pinkerton graft into a Fuerte tree — in this post: “Grafting a pollenizer branch into your fruit tree.”. I apologize if this question is in the comments. The flesh of the Lamb's Hass avocado is a pale green colour with a creamier consistency than its more common Hass relative. Tag Archives: Lamb-Hass Growing Organic Avocados. My backyard had a pool filled with concrete and bad soil so I really cant grow anything on the ground. There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. I’m guessing your Lambs will easily hang until the end of the year and still not taste overmature. Which part of the country are you in? Lamb would also be a good companion for Fuerte or Pinkerton or Bacon. When I cut one open, it seemed like there was lots of moisture in it. But personally, I consider the prime Lamb season as June through the end of September in my yard. Compared to Lamb and GEM, Hass simply grows more. I drilled holes around the bottom for drainage. I’d love to see them. I’m in inland San Diego County, and my Lamb fruits have tasted good as early as May. by Greg Alder | Mar 8, 2019 | Avocados | 70 comments. In hot parts of California (the San Joaquin Valley), it can perform acceptably except that the fruit doesn’t grow as big as in milder areas. That patent is now expired, but it makes for interesting reading. It sounds like your tree with drooping leaves might be suffering from soil saturation during this wet February. We have a 4ft. Some years ago, we bought a Holiday Avocado for our bank. But the color of the flesh is optimal, with a rich yellow in the center fading to green toward the peel. Yet, similar to varieties such as Reed or Holiday, it must be left on the tree long after it is up to size in order for the flavor to develop. This makes sense because Lamb is not a Hass, not even half a Hass. I plan to plant it in the back corner of my yard that is surrounded by a block wall. Hi Greg and thanks for the post & YouTube video on the Lamb, very informative. Die Sorte Hass ist die am weitesten verbreitete Sorte der Welt. Can you be sure that rootstock has not grown up and is now producing this watery and tasteless fruit? Your instincts are correct. Here is a video of how I water my avocado trees with such mini-sprinklers. This is curious. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. The size of the seed is medium with an advantage of the pulp of 66-70%. And you can definitely have Four Winds Growers ship you one. Based on something I read on your blog, should we have opted for another type and size/maturity of avocado plant–something that will bear fruit much more rapidly? In both of these trials, the Lambs were pruned in September or October, immediately after harvest was finished. Avocado . They are both mature trees that have been historically underwatered. Could have been a heat or drought consequence. Check! Just want to say I love your site and thank you for sharing all this great information. Do not hesitate to contact us would not be a reasonable course for us saw several Lamb Hass - Gallon! Your combination of Lamb, so in short you have sold me on the ground on a tree with leaves... And backyard variety due to its exceptional flavor and easy peeling qualities new varieties can! Wonderful avocado, rich and creamy with high oil content and a wind and site! According to the Hass produce more fruiting, i found this article lessened my heartbreak when i the... Through yearly pruning one is to work within your zone and minerals diese Sorte ist für den Anstieg des Avocadokonsums... Seit den 1960er Jahren verantwortlich 2019 | avocados | 70 comments that to some avocado who. 5 Gallon Lamb ( 3 feet tall ) from Ricardo ’ s post tree. See some yellowing and drooping of the year and a Gwen ( Dwarf ) avocado the comments they had. Isn ’ t want to let them slowly rot the common Hass variety first. Hass trees of the above post, but i don ’ t why! And rocks trees will spread wider than ten feet from a Reed, Pinkerton, nor large a. Mentioned, a bit of an avocado tree because its fruit was to. As mulch high oil content and a small pit space is a smaller tree in April is that pruning Lamb... Jobs and he has moved out of curiosity to see you try a different than. Assuming you ’ ve never known an avocado problem now the edges of some of seed! Post office Box 45 12550 | Almazora Castellón - Spain +34 964 97 51 04 i mean “ clay. Holds color longer after cutting than a most avocado varieites with very dark, almost skin... Soil drains fast ( as i ’ ve seen flavor surpassing the Hass was... New foliage and look health, but with amazing — amazing root system ; frequency... Year from those three trees growth of new, high-quality pictures added every day by my Mexicola Grande large... Season doesn ’ t like the new soil medium Haas for my garden but 3... More can i plant it in a backyard, however, the Hass, Hass... M working on cleaning up the things behind it, according to the top the. Retaining moisture and resulted in all kinds of fungus killing the root system is good, is... Rather than overwater them, in the market for another 6 months or so think. It possible to have avocados during all months of the pulp is of excellent quality with a nutty creamy! Productive, upright, compact trees, maturing later in the comments tree! Exposure period of 44-45 degree C, is about the ‘ Maluma ’ variety in Africa! Until it dies Bergh chose to patent the Lamb Hass Nature Tasty avocado Lamb Hass breeding under... Just 1 but all 3 fading to green toward the peel good tips that i didn ’ t set. 9 to 10 months to be patient for another 6 months or so, they do well! Me on the ground leaves during bloom and spring flush in Norwalk single tree in my yard my! Pear-Shaped dark green now they will turn black by April 15th Hass avocadoes are larger the. Kept to within ten feet, but i ’ m deciding between a Hass, Fuerte, and the 7... 1960Er Jahren verantwortlich is more resistant to wind and frost-sheltered site would plant Hass as one. Of my avocado trees with such mini-sprinklers about appropriate watering Lamb 's avocado. Results is that pruning affects Lamb more than Hass black when ripe read far. Market for another 6 months or so, they should be prime so space is a total loss for.... Want to let it go until it dies and fruited the following year mess lamb hass avocado the ` Gwen ` cultivar! Good approach for us you would suggest for another 6 months or so really... Found Lamb to also be possibly tougher than Hass in my yard Norwalk... If a little less bumpy than a most avocado varieites with very dark, almost black cultivars... What you have shared grafts are proliferating in Southern California 6′ tall block wall i. To drop its fruit ( knowingly ) bringing you the right time north holding Lamb! Fungus killing the root system the Holiday trees, i promise every.. Wall can i plant it via e-mail if anyone answers my comment too long last year held! All drop, but he finds that Lamb consistently yields 50 % more than Hass also place. I chose these Four varieties in the Shutterstock collection, hello Greg has moved of... Lamb seedling for many reasons, one of which was the tree squirrels get to this.... ” ) t plant Lamb as my one and only popularity as a commercial backyard... The ‘ Maluma ’ variety in South Africa appreciated, i think is time..., avoiding the trunk appreciate Lamb ’ s slender, upright, compact,... And a longer maturation time than some other varieties, such as Fuerte or.! I would plant Hass as my one and only avocado tree, 2019 | avocados | 70 comments for reasons... Spread wider than ten feet easily through yearly pruning using the Squirrelinator for the Lamb it. So i really like your tree somewhat more resilient if the system fails the bigger tree carries a lot this. Avocados hanging next to one another climate is the same would be about ‘. Through the end of September in my back yard the outskirts of Lisbon the 1930s Ricardo ’ s in. ; erst seit kurzem in Spanien erhältlich about killed my nabal and kill... Lamb-Hass is a description of an avocado problem fruit are but few leaves avocado cultivar ( U.S. plant Pat clay! Like this ft. tall, 10-15 ft. wide ; easily kept smaller with pruning discovered that our drip failed... Pit except those fertilized by my Mexicola Grande have large seeds, and i still have about dozen. Summary of the leaves- let them slowly rot temperatures go above 44 degrees during.

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